How to Fix Poor TV Reception

Poor TV reception can result to loss of picture, sound or both and can be really frustrating. There are many things that can cause reception problems. Ideally, you want a professional engineer or technician to check and fix it for you – this will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and none of the set up or settings are

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Integrated Reception System

Learn more about the integrated reception system, how it works and how you can benefit from it. Integrated Reception System An integrated reception system (IRS) uses one aerial cluster to broadcast multiple sources of signals to multiple receivers or outlets. IRS can supply signals from terrestrial television, FM radio, digital audio broadcast (DAB) digital radio and satellite TV. IRS is

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Aerial Boosters

What are aerial boosters? Will they really help improve your signal? Aerial Boosters An aerial booster or a signal booster is a mains- powered unit that can amplify your aerial signal. Also called an aerial amplifier, it can come in handy if you are located in an area with weak signal area. Aerial boosters are also helpful in improving signal

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Aerial Installation In Chelmsford CM2

For years, customers have relied on the expertise of MediaComs in providing professional aerial installation service in Essex and the North London area. One such customer, searching for the best outdoor aerial installation service in Chelmsford CM2, obtained the services of MediaComs’ pool of fully-certified professional aerial installation engineers to get the job done. In this installation, our engineers opted for a yagi-type aerial

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Aerial Distribution Amplifier

Want to get an aerial distribution amplifier installed? Our experts at Mediacoms are just a phone call away. What is an Aerial Distribution Amplifier? An aerial distribution amplifier is used to increase the strength of the signals received. It is designed to improve the quality of picture and sound by amplifying the signals. Typically mounted in indoors, these amplifiers can also be

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Mobile Satellite Broadband

Looking for a mobile satellite broadband? We can help you. Who says you can’t have internet when you travel or when you live in a mobile home? MediaComs offer a wide range of mobile satellite broadband services that will fit your needs and your lifestyle.  You can choose from a wide variety of satellite internet plans that Mediacoms has to offer, that will allow

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