What is Freesat?

Freesat offers over 200 TV channels without a monthly subscription via a satellite dish at your property. Freesat has a wide variety of television programming from entertainment & music to news and documentaries.

To receive Freesat you will need a satellite dish and a TV or receiver box (set top box) with a Freesat tuner built in.

What channels will I receive?

Unlike Freeview, the same number of Freesat channels are available regardless of your location in UK. For more channel information visit Freesat’s website.

To receive HD channels you will need a Freesat HD TV or set top box.

Can I record Freesat Channels?

Yes, you can record Freesat channels using a Freesat + PVR (personal video recorder). Buy one here.

Will I need to retune my Freesat equipment?

You shouldn’t ever need to manually retune your Freesat equipment, as long as the system is left in standby when not in use. The Freesat system will automatically update when any new releases are made available. Some equipment like Humax receivers may display a message asking you accept the latest update.

Is Freesat SMART?

Yes, certain Freesat products will allow connection to the internet allow you to access catch up TV and on demand programmes. Freesat also have an app for both iOS and Android devices allowing you to access a TV guide.

What about installation?

Mediacoms offer a variety of Freesat installation options meaning that nearly everyone can enjoy Freesat. For more information call 0800 587 2556 or email

If you live in an apartment block or multiple dwelling unit (MDU) you may already have a communal system offering both aerial & satellite TV options. To find out how to get connected and make the most of your pre wired system call 0800 587 2556.

What else do I need to know?

Like all satellite based systems, a clear and uninterrupted line of sight is required between your satellite dish and the Astra satellite. Tall buildings or trees surrounding your property may block the signal to your dish.

It’s a good idea to check with your local council for any restrictions on satellite dish installations in your area.

Listed buildings or properties within a conservation area may require a specialist installation.

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