Communal Systems

Whether it is a block of flats or a hotel, communal systems need to be carefully planned and installed.

Communal TV reception systems are ideal systems for hotels, commercial buildings or block of flats. The system allows the residents to have full access to Freeview, Sky and satellite signals from a centralised system. Units are cabled individually and the signal is integrated and distributed throughout the whole building. It is often sought after by developers, homeowners and tenants, because not only is it an added amenity, it preservers and maintains the look of the building. When planned properly, the communal system, satellite dishes and aerials can be installed in discreet locations making the building more attractive when viewed from the outside.

  • IRS(Integrated Reception Systems)
  • DTT (Digital Terrrestrial TV)
  • SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV systems)
  • Fibre optic systems (FIRS)

Communal systems advantages.

  1. It is an added value to any commercial buildings or block of flats. Not only will it be an added amenity, if planned properly, aerials and satellite dishes may be kept hidden from the view so you still get to maintain the beauty of your property.
  2. It eliminates the need for individual aerials which can be a safety or health issue.
  3. With its installation owners will be able to meet the planning guidelines and minimise disputes between the tenants and landlords.

Mediacoms has over 20 years of experience in the industry and we are here to help you plan your own communal system. We will help you select the best components in your system so it delivers quality reception no matter what the size — from a house to a complete block.

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