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What is an Aerial Distribution Amplifier?

An aerial distribution amplifier is used to increase the strength of the signals received. It is designed to improve the quality of picture and sound by amplifying the signals. Typically mounted in indoors, these amplifiers can also be used outdoors. They distribute signals to several outlets inside the same house.

An aerial distribution amplifier has either one, two, four or eight ports that have the same signal available.

Defective amplifierscan cause disruption to your’s and as well as your neighbour’s TV reception services. If this happens, call for help and request for the defective amplifier to be fixed or replaced.

This replacement amplifier shown in the picture was installed in an Essex property, as it was faulty. Our expert aerial installation team performed the task as per the owners specifications and exceeded his expectations. This London home now has access to high quality pictures and crystal clear sound broadcast.

Aerial Distribution Amplifier Installation

TV aerial distribution amplifier is best used when installed as soon as the lead-in wire enters the building. If a pre-amplifier is in use, the distribution amplifier goes on to the TV side and is placed before any splitters. They are of little use when installed behind the TV. A TV antenna pre-amplifier, in many cases,  is a better choice to improve reception quality. On large antenna systems with multiple outlets, a combination of a pre-amplifier and a distribution amplifier may be necessary for best results. Once you get these installed, you can be rest assured to have access to the best audiovisual experience possible.

For years, MediaComs has been installing and repairing aerials and there are not many problems that we can’t handle. Call us now for your aerial distribution amplifier installation needs.

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