Components of a Home Security System

Know more about each of the components of a home security system and find out if you have the right ones in your home. Installing a home security system is one way to protect your home from burglars and other criminals lurking around. Newer models do not just provide surveillance from CCTVs and security from alarm systems, there is also the

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Benefits of HD CCTV

Are you wondering about the benefits of HD CCTV compared to those of normal CCTV cameras used for home security systems? HD CCTV is becoming more and more popular, but many homeowners are also wondering the same thing you are: what makes them different? Is it worth it do upgrade your CCTV camera to high definition? Yes, there is a

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How to Install a TV Aerial

Do you want to learn how to install a TV aerial? Here are some tips and tricks from us. TV aerial installation must ideally be done by an expert engineer who has the training and knowledge in doing the job professionally. This will ensure that the installation is done properly and securely, and you can even get advice on what

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Basic Aerial Facts

Here are some basic aerial facts for homeowners. Are you planning to get a TV aerial installation for your home? We have outlined a few useful basic aerial facts that may help you in choosing an aerial and getting it installed. You may also read our TV aerial buying guide for more tips and suggestions from our experts. Basic Aerial

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How to Fix Poor TV Reception

Poor TV reception can result to loss of picture, sound or both and can be really frustrating. There are many things that can cause reception problems. Ideally, you want a professional engineer or technician to check and fix it for you – this will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and none of the set up or settings are

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Bang & Oulfsen BeoPlay A2

The market is awash with portable wireless speaker systems, but one really does stand out from the crowd. The Bang & Oulfsen BeoPlay A2 offers the beautiful styling you would expect from B&O but with a price tag you wouldn’t. The A2 is the smallest in B&O’s range of audio products, designed to make the most of your audio collection

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How to get the best surround sound set up

What truly makes a home theatre system  unique from an ordinary TV set up is the surround sound effect. Going to a cinema to watch a movie is a completely different experience today compared to how it was 70 or 80 years ago. Apart from tickets costing possibly ten times more, the picture is clearer and the sound quality is

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HD CCTV Brentwood, CM14

If you are thinking about installing a home security system, HD CCTV is a great option to add to your system.   The pictures here were taken from one of our customer’s home. There had been a string of break ins in their area and they had decided to upgrade their analogue CCTV camera to a group of networked HD IP

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Are you planning to add Sonos to your entertainment system? If you are, you should get to know Sonos more. Meet Sonos Sonos is an electronics company based in Santa Barbara, California that is most known for its award- winning wireless multi- room music system. The company has upped its game in recent years, becoming more public with its profile and

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AV Installation Chigwell IG7

Whether you need AV installation at home or in your office space, a professional installer will be best to do the job as they have the experience and the training necessary to ensure that it is done right. Our Mediacoms engineers worked on this AV installation in Chigwell IG7. In the pictures here, the first fix is done and our

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