For years, customers have relied on the expertise of MediaComs in providing professional aerial installation service in Essex and the North London area. One such customer, searching for the best outdoor aerial installation service in Chelmsford CM2, obtained the services of MediaComs’ pool of fully-certified professional aerial installation engineers to get the job done. In this installation, our engineers opted for a yagi-type aerial with reflectors to make certain that the TV broadcast signals are not compromised in any way. This ensures that the reception quality is high and that the pictures and accompanying audio will provide countless hours of viewing pleasure for the customer and his family.

aerial installation

MediaComs offers the best aerial installation service at competitive prices

Having the services of professional aerial installers will minimise the possibilities of experiencing blurred pictures and static-filled audio that often accompanies do-it-yourself installations. With this in mind, it is important that the company you will hire to provide the service have the right experience, provides the best customer service and does not have any negative feedback. We are proud to say that MediaComs have all these qualities, and more.

MediaComs, with more than a decade of experience in the field of aerial installation,  guarantees that the broadcast reception received by your TV will always be of the highest quality. Our engineers can advise you on right equipment that will optimally meet your requirements specific to your location. Remember, in aerial installations, location is everything. An aerial placed in a less than optimal location will result in a degraded reception quality of the signals being broadcast. Mediacoms will also ensure that the aerial and the necessary cables complies with CAI/DTG requirements.

MediaComs will also see to it that the equipment to be used in the installation of the aerial is top-notch. The brackets that was used in this installation will see to it that wind-loads are correctly factored in so that the antenna will not sway or fall off it’s position. Gravity is one of aerial’s worst enemies. With our expertise, these debilitating factors are greatly reduced, if not totally eradicated.

For the best aerial installation service in Chelmsford CM2, call MediaComs today.

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