What are aerial boosters? Will they really help improve your signal?

Aerial Boosters

Aerial Boosters

An aerial booster or a signal booster is a mains- powered unit that can amplify your aerial signal. Also called an aerial amplifier, it can come in handy if you are located in an area with weak signal area. Aerial boosters are also helpful in improving signal if you want to use multiple TV sets or equipment that you want to feed using a single aerial connector. Typically, running a lot of cables in your home will add to the loss of signal. By using an aerial booster, this “loss” is minimized.

How does an aerial booster work?

Getting your signal amplifier to work is easy. Simply connect the booster to your TV aerial, and then connect your TV and other equipment to the booster. You will find different aerial amplifiers with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 outputs.

Do they always work?

Take note that an aerial booster might not always be effective. If you are getting poor signal with a lot of interference, an aerial booster might not be the answer to your need. Here, the booster will boost both your signal and the noise that is causing the interference.

Also, a signal booster will not improve your reception if you are located in an area with already strong signal. It will also not help if you are experiencing picture ghosting in an analogue TV.

Using an aerial amplifier to boost a poor indoor TV aerial will not substitute using a high gain external aerial that is compatible to digital TV. In fact, a quality roof top mounted aerial with no booster almost always outperforms an indoor TV aerial with a fitted booster, both for Freeview and analogue reception.

Aerial boosters can also create problems if they are affected by water ingress or a nearby lightning strike.  A faulty amplifier can cause disruption to your and your neighbours’ pictures.

Mediacoms can help you whether you need aerial boosters or a TV aerial installation in London, Essex or Hertfordshire.

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