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Integrated Reception System

Learn more about the integrated reception system, how it works and how you can benefit from it. Integrated Reception System An integrated reception system (IRS) uses one aerial cluster to broadcast multiple sources of signals to multiple receivers or outlets. IRS can supply signals from terrestrial television, FM radio, digital audio broadcast (DAB) digital radio and satellite TV. IRS is

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Communal TV System

Do you need a communal TV system? Mediacoms can help you get it set up. Communal TV System A communal TV system is commonly used in multiple dwelling units (MDU) to avoid installing a dish or aerial in each unit or flat. It is also being used in new communities of single dwelling units (SDU) where a satellite dish or

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Aerial Boosters

What are aerial boosters? Will they really help improve your signal? Aerial Boosters An aerial booster or a signal booster is a mains- powered unit that can amplify your aerial signal. Also called an aerial amplifier, it can come in handy if you are located in an area with weak signal area. Aerial boosters are also helpful in improving signal

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AFN American Forces Network installation PE31 Kings Lynn

AFN American Forces Network installation PE31 Kings Lynn


Buying a TV Aerial

Are you buying a TV aerial? Here’s a buying guide for you.   If you live in London, or anywhere in the UK, a TV aerial is a must. A TV antenna or aerial is designed to receive over- the- air broadcast television signals. The recent switch from analog to digital broadcasting in the UK has pushed many consumers into

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Common Satellite TV Problems

Have you ever experienced any of these common satellite TV problems? Here are some tips to fix them.   Some of the common satellite TV problems can be easily fixed without paying expensive fees. Below are some tips to get your satellite TV working properly.   Common Satellite TV Problems Below are some of the common satellite TV problems and

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