Have you ever experienced any of these common satellite TV problems? Here are some tips to fix them.


Common Satellite TV Problems

Some of the common satellite TV problems can be easily fixed without paying expensive fees. Below are some tips to get your satellite TV working properly.


Common Satellite TV Problems

Below are some of the common satellite TV problems and their easy fixes.

Snowy screen.

— Make sure that your TV, DVD/DVR and the sound system are all turned on. Check the back of the receiver. Make sure that all the components are connected to it and that the cables are going from the receiver to each component. Missing or loose connections can be causing the problem.

— Check to make sure your TV settings are correct. It should be set on a particular channel to deliver the signals properly. The input mode must also be changed to receive audio or video from a certain component. Check the manufacturer’s manuals to make sure you have the correct settings.

No digital sound / Picture break up / Clicking sound

— Make sure the connections to and from the receiver are secure.

— Check your TV settings and make sure to set it to receive digital sound.

— You can also try resetting your set-top box.

Receiver is turning off / changing channels by itself.

— If your receiver has a UHF remote system, there may be another remote of the same type nearby (it can be another remote in your home, or even your neighbor’s). Signals from that other remote could be traveling to your receiver. You can change the address code on your receiver by using the guidelines in your owner’s manual.

Loss of Signal.

— Check the connection between the satellite and your receiver. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable that runs from the wall to the receiver.

— If the problem continues, you will need to contact your provider.

Missing channels / interactive services.

— Reset your set-top box. If this does not work, there may be a problem with your viewing card or the equipment.

— A misaligned satellite dish could be causing this. Contact a qualified engineer to fix the issue.

— Bad weather condition also contribute to issues like this. Once the weather calms down, your signal should be back to normal. If high winds are causing the issue, get an engineer  to  make sure the satellite is securely fixed in its location.


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