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Basic Aerial Facts

Here are some basic aerial facts for homeowners. Are you planning to get a TV aerial installation for your home? We have outlined a few useful basic aerial facts that may help you in choosing an aerial and getting it installed. You may also read our TV aerial buying guide for more tips and suggestions from our experts. Basic Aerial Facts >> Lofts: Professional aerial technicians usually recommend installing TV aerials in lofts only in

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How to Fix Poor TV Reception

Poor TV reception can result to loss of picture, sound or both and can be really frustrating. There are many things that can cause reception problems. Ideally, you want a professional engineer or technician to check and fix it for you – this will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and none of the set up or settings are altered. However, basic poor TV reception issues can be fixed by a homeowner like you

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First Installation at Friar’s Place

The first installation of TV aerials and audio and video systems at any home or place of business is important. A first installation that is properly done will last a while before it will need repair or service. Buying a new home or getting a new office space is truly exciting. Decorating your new place and shopping for a new entertainment system is exciting. However, getting your new home theatre system working is probably not

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Another Bad Aerial Installation Corrected

Here is an example of a bad aerial installation corrected and replaced by our Mediacoms team. The picture here shows another bad aerial installation corrected by our experts at Mediacoms. Our team was called to a customer’s house in Dunmow. When they showed up, they were met with an aerial installation that was quite surprising, even for them. To start, only a single bracket was holding the aerial to the wall. Ideally, there should be

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TV Aerial Types

Are you going shopping for a new TV antenna? Once you get to the store, picking out one can prove to be extra challenging as you will see several types of aerials. Learn more about each of them here and choose the right one to buy. 1. Indoor Aerials – This is the most common and the simplest type of aerial as it only requires the user to connect it to directly to the TV

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