Communal and integrated reception systems

Communal aerial and integrated reception ystems

When you have more than on property within a building, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the systems set up to support the most secure space with the potential for tailored entertainment.

Whether you have a block of flats or a hotel, or other commercial communal building, to get the most out of communal systems and integrated reception systems, you need to make sure they are right for your needs – which is why they should be carefully planned and installed.

Communal aerial set ups

Communal TV reception systems allow residents and visitors to have full access to Sky, Freeview and satellite signals from one central system. Through individual cabling, the signal is distributed through the building. This means that not only is viewing seamless for the inhabitants, but the building is not littered with satellite dishes or aerials. Because they are hidden from view, they will not negatively impact the value of your property. If you are the property owner, you’ll be able to meet planning guidelines, while minimising tenant and landlord disputes.

Integrated Reception Systems

There are different types of integrated reception systems:

  • Digital terrestrial IRS – Whether you would like a plan and installation of a system within a new development or to update an older system, we can help – so you can take advantage of the Freeview signal.
  • Digital terrestrial TV with Sky – With the changing way that we watch TV, there’s one consistency: in terms of TV subscription, Sky is the most popular in the UK. So it’s likely to be something the people in your property will want. You can also add elements of other streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+ and other digital service to your package, which can reduce costs. As aw Sky Approved Partner, we can help with every aspect of this.
  • Digital terrestrial with multi-satellite distribution IRS – with a multi-cultural population, there are multiple channels in demand, catering for different languages. Larger dishes allow for reception to be received from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. We offer a multi satellite distribution system, where it’s possible for householders to access up to 4,000 channels from over 20 countries. Versatility is key to our systems, to make them able to carry signals from different service providers.

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