Do you need a communal TV system? Mediacoms can help you get it set up.

Communal TV System

Communal TV System

A communal TV system is commonly used in multiple dwelling units (MDU) to avoid installing a dish or aerial in each unit or flat. It is also being used in new communities of single dwelling units (SDU) where a satellite dish or aerial is proscribed by a planning agreement or design code, or when the reception is not adequate for a part or all parts of the area.

Communal TV systems are also ideal for use in buildings where there are TV sets in multiple rooms such as hotels, hospitals, etc.

In a communal TV system, a set of antennae is installed on the site in a location where there is good reception. This can be a building or a mast. The use of modern fibre- optic systems allows no difference in the quality of reception regardless of the distance of houses or buildings from the antennae. One antennae can support thousands of homes and commercial units in one site.

Integrated Reception System (IRS)

In the UK, the Sky Homes IRS is the most popular standard for communal systems. It is ideally used by managing agents, private landlords, housing associations and local authorities. It can provide residents access to terrestrial analogue, Freeview, Sky TV, radio services and non English services.

Benefits of IRS

  • Avoid disputes between and expenses for tenants who want to put up their own satellite dish or aerial
  • Keep the property aesthetically pleasing
  • Eliminates reception difficulties regardless of location in the area
  • TV is available for tenants on Day 1 when they move in
  • Provides future- proofing to the property
  • Reliable and has low cost maintenance
  • Can be easily combined with other services like CCTV, broadband, etc.

If you are interested in installing a communal TV system – whether it is for residential or commercial use – Mediacoms has the expertise and experience to help you get set up.

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