Are you buying a TV aerial? Here’s a buying guide for you.


Buying a TV Aerial

If you live in London, or anywhere in the UK, a TV aerial is a must. A TV antenna or aerial is designed to receive over- the- air broadcast television signals. The recent switch from analog to digital broadcasting in the UK has pushed many consumers into buying a TV aerial. If you have poor reception or picture quality, replacing your old antenna may just be the solution that you need. If you have already purchased a pricey, high quality TV, remember that the best accessory to this is a high quality aerial that functions to meet your needs. Buying a TV aerial is made simple if you know what you’re looking for to get the best value for your money. Below is an easy guide in buying a TV aerial.


Buying a TV Aerial

We have tips for you if you’re buying a TV aerial.

  • Qualities of a good aerial – Look for a TV aerial that will best suit your needs.
    • has a strong signal in your area – Get an aerial that is powerful enough to get all the signals that you want. However, be careful not to get one that is “too” powerful. If your area has strong reception or signal, an aerial that is too powerful can overwhelm a digital turner.
    • has good reception and can receive all channels in your area – In many areas, UHF- only HDTV antennas work fine. However, if your local networks decided to stay in their old channels instead of moving to UHF, you need an aerial that covers VHF and UHF channels.
  • Do your research – Find out details that will help you make a good decision before going shopping and buying a TV aerial.
    • the channels you can receive – Find out what signals you can receive at home and how strong their signal is. Also find out which direction the transmitter is, that is the direction where the signal is coming from. This will be helpful during TV aerial installation.
    • will an indoor aerial work? – Find out from your neighbors if they are using indoor antenna and how the reception is. Unlike analogue broadcasting where weak channels are sometimes received with a pretty good picture and only a bit of static, digital broadcasting will either show a good picture, show the picture in and out irregularly, or there is no picture at all.
    • will a signal booster help? – Find out if its worth the money to get a signal booster. You can add one to almost any type of passive or un- amplified aerial. However, a signal booster can actually hurt your reception if your location already has decent signal.
  • When to buy a new aerial – If you were left with very poor TV reception (read: bad audio, snowy pictures or completely no reception) after the digital switch-over, then it may be time to get into buying a TV aerial. A new aerial will improve picture quality.
  • Types of TV aerial – Select an aerial that is best suited for your location and signal strength. Remember that you do not necessarily need a special aerial or an HDTV aerial to receive HDTV signal.
    • Yagi TV aerial
    • High gain TV aerial
    • Grid TV aerial
    • Indoor TV aerial
    • Loft- mounted TV aerial

Call Mediacoms and we’ll help you with buying a TV aerial, as well as installation and related service.

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