Why you need an External Aerial Splitter London

You may need us to fit an external aerial splitter London if you are having problems with your reception in your home. Some people will assume, understandably that they can just connect more than one television to their existing aerial. In practice this can cause a problem because it increases the aerial input. This is just as harmful as having too little reception and can disrupt your viewing pleasure.

The external splitter will generally need to be installed high up, and of course you will want to avoid getting hurt or voiding your house insurance should anything go wrong. For this reason we insure our workers so that in the unlikely event any problems do occur we are legally bound to put them right, giving our customers peace of mind.

There are many things that can point to your needing a splitter but usually they involve bypassing something else, as unplugging something already in situ could stop you getting any reception at all.

Fitting an external Aerial Splitter London

We work both with residents and businesses fitting all kinds of equipment such as audio visual and even improving satellite reception by repositioning. Installing a splitter is just one of our many abilities. If you have any problems with your reception never just assume that you know what you are doing. Ring us first and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

Call us for an External Aerial Splitter London

If you require a specialist to come and help improve your viewing reception, then we will be at the end of a phone waiting for your call. We keep the costs down as low as possible as we know just how important value for money is to our customers. This is why time after time we find our calls are from people who have been referred to us by their friends or family who have been happy with our service.


external aerial splitter london

External aerial splitter london

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