How to Install a TV Aerial

Do you want to learn how to install a TV aerial? Here are some tips and tricks from us. TV aerial installation must ideally be done by an expert engineer who has the training and knowledge in doing the job professionally. This will ensure that the installation is done properly and securely, and you can even get advice on what the best type of aerial is for your home. However, if you have the knowledge

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Are you planning to add Sonos to your entertainment system? If you are, you should get to know Sonos more. Meet Sonos Sonos is an electronics company based in Santa Barbara, California that is most known for its award- winning wireless multi- room music system. The company has upped its game in recent years, becoming more public with its profile and more aggressive with advertising. And while their products what changed in size and shape, the

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Installation of TV beds in Flitch Green, Dunmow

TV beds – these two words might as well be synonymous to luxury. A home theatre room and a stylish bedroom in one – that’s what a TV bed offers. It features top of the line LED TVs at the foot of a high quality bed, aiming to give you ultimately luxurious and relaxing home cinema experience. The type of TV can vary, as well as the model and size. The same also goes for

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Garage Door Automation

Should you choose a garage door opener or automation? Homes, and how we use them, are changing. Everything happens at the touch of the button, so what’s the best way for you to open your garage door? Garage Door Opener A garage door opener is a motorised or electric device that is used to open and close your garage door. Traditional garage door openers are controlled by switches inside the garage or by a remote

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Discreet AV Installations

Have you ever heard about discreet AV installations and how useful and aesthetically pleasing they are? We all like coming home to our nice TVs after a long day or during the weekend. A “staycation” at home is always a great idea – some chips and dip or a pizza and your favorite TV show or that movie you’ve been wanting to see all at the comfort of your own couch. Those who have the

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