Wall mount or on a stand? TV positioning options

If you’ve not been in the market for one for a while, buying a new TV can involve a complicated decision-making process – the brand, the size, the cost, and then of course there’s the dizzying array of technology on offer. These have all earned your close attention. You’ve studied the options. You’ve learned plenty of new jargon along the way, and you’re satisfied with your choice. But have you considered the positioning of your television?

Should you stand mount or wall mount?

Where your new TV will live is strategically important and there are two major options – stand mounts and wall mounts. Ideally you will have a preference as to how you would like your TV to be positioned before you buy, so that you can make the best investment for your needs today and in the future.  

Stand mounts

The quickest and easiest way to set up your TV yourself is to stand mount it on a flat surface – usually a TV stand or unit – and most flat screens come with a base stand, to support the TV and keep it steady. Because it’s freestanding, this allows you easy access to the ports at the back of the TV and you can quickly and easily move it when you need to.

Having the TV unit/stand also means that there’s a place to house things like your Sky Box, DVD player, and gaming devices. However, it does also mean that you have a TV stand taking up floorspace in your home, and need this additional bit of furniture, which might not be at a comfortable height for everyone to view.

Safety is also a big consideration – as the TV is not attached to anything, it can easily tip over with an accidental nudge, and the cables can be quite inviting for children or pets to play with.

Wall mounts

Wall-mounting the new family TV in pride of place is proving more and more popular, because of the benefits that it brings in terms of space and aesthetic appeal.

Freeing up the area once occupied by the TV stand will allow you more flexibility with the arrangement of your furniture, so you may even have room for that extra armchair you really wanted, but didn’t have the space for. Until now.

When your TV is mounted to the wall, that is the only thing that is visible – all the cables are run into the wall, which will make your home feel more spacious, modern and minimalist – that uncluttered look we all aspire to. This also means the dangling cables and tempting buttons will also be beyond the reach of mischievous children and lively pets. Modern TVs are streamlined, and more prone to tottering on the TV stand, so often with today’s models, which now usually come with the option to wall-mount, this is a logical choice. A wall-mounted television is safe and secure – one less thing to worry about.

The age-old debate about screen size also becomes easier, as you are not limited by the size of the surface it would sit on. If you’ve always fancied getting that little bit closer to creating a home-cinema feel for those unmissable movies, a wall-mounted TV will have you reaching for the popcorn. Another major advantage, and perhaps the biggest one for the more health-conscious, is the possibility of easily setting the viewing height. While many of us have to sit hunched over our computers or mobile devices all day, a wall-mounted TV means you can lie back and watch the TV at a more natural, and therefore more comfortable eyesight-level, and in turn a much healthier posture. More space and less clutter in your living area, plus a more comfortable viewing experience? Wall-mounting your new pride and joy might just be a no-brainer

Leaving the installation in the hands of the professionals will give you peace of mind, ensure that you have your TV in the right place to enjoy the best picture, as you seamlessly transform the layout of your living space.

If you would like to discuss your TV positioning options further or are ready for your TV to be wall mounted, we have extensive experience and would love to help. Please get in touch.

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