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How often should burglar alarms be serviced?

Burglar alarms are a key part of a home and business security system – and definitely something that you don’t want to let you down. Whether you’ve moved into a property with a security system,

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What’s best – burglar alarm or CCTV?

While we are all trying to get on and get by, we’re seeing increasing rates of burglaries and car thefts. Intruders have become more adept at breaking the locks and barriers which are put in

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Old Sky receivers have had their time

It’s soon to be the end of the line for first generation Sky boxes, which will become redundant in 2024. The changes come as BBC declared many of its standard definition (SD) channels will no

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Kaleidescape in Bishop’s Stortford

Described as “As good as it gets for watching movies at home” by Home Theatre Review, Kaleidescape is known for being the only digital provider of movies with full reference video quality and lossless audio.

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Moved property and inherited an alarm system?

Whether it’s your home or your business, when you move properties, you’ll be dealing with a lot of questions, like who should your new electricity supplier be, who provides the best broadband connection in the

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Looking to get the garden Wi-Fi connected?

If your garden is big enough, it can be a great place to introduce a new building, to ensure you have the room you have always wanted – but may be missing – in your

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