Who says you can’t maintain your home’s beauty once the satellite dish installation is completed? We say, “you still can!”

Mediacoms installed this satellite dish at Takeley Park CM22. As you can see the dish is discreet and installed correctly with the cables taken under the home and connected to the pre-wired cables. This is something that Sky do not do. As a Sky independent agent we can sort out your requirements and have the satellite dish installed correctly. This dish can also be used for Freesat.

Static Home Satellite Dish installation Takeley Bishops Stortford CM22

Static Home Satellite Dish installation Takeley Bishops Stortford CM22

Static Home Satellite Dish installation Takeley Bishops Stortford CM22

Satellite Dish Installation

The installation of satellite dishes have grown more popular over the years. Compared to cable, satellite television is more cost effective. There are three things that you should consider when installing your satellite dishes.

First is the location. When you choose the spot where you need to mount your satellite dish also consider where your house is located. If you live in a valley then you want to mount it as high as possible. The satellite dish should face the sky and it should not be obstructed so you have a good chance of getting strong signal.

Second, a stable satellite dish mount. Aside from choosing a good location for your satellite dish, you want to get a rigid and stable mount so it doesn’t move. Generally speaking, the mast is more stable if it’s short. However, you can still get the same stability if you use stabilizing struts if you need to use a longer mast.

Third is the accuracy and precision of where the satellite dish is peaked in. This will directly impact the signal strength that you will be getting from the satellite dish installation.

All these three things are related. If the peak is perfect but the mount is unstable, then a little wind and rain can affect the your viewing experience. These are the things that we considering when working on any aerial installation projects.

Call MediaComs now and we will ensure a stable and high quality satellite dish installation.

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