Do you want to learn how to install a TV aerial? Here are some tips and tricks from us.

How to Install a TV Aerial

TV aerial installation must ideally be done by an expert engineer who has the training and knowledge in doing the job professionally. This will ensure that the installation is done properly and securely, and you can even get advice on what the best type of aerial is for your home. However, if you have the knowledge and basic know- how on TV aerials, the installation can also be done DIY. Before starting, make sure you also go over the basic aerial facts.

While learning how to install a TV aerial is not very difficult at all, there are certain certain installs may require specialized technical skills. Always know that the job requires working safely at height, and you may need to use special equipment to complete the installation.

Before you start, make sure you pick the appropriate antenna for your home. Our TV aerial buying guide called Buying A TV Aerial will be helpful if you have not yet purchased one.

How to install a TV aerial

  • If you are using a wall mount, drill pilot holes where you will install the bolts that will hold the braces to the wall. To make sure that the mast will not way when there is wind, leave a 12- to 14- inch space between the top and bottom braces. If any hole is too big for the bolt, put plastic expansions inside the pilot holes and screw the bolt again.
  • Assemble the aerial on the ground – doing this on the roof only poses safety issues for the installer. Secure all the bolts and nuts. If your aerial comes with the transformer, connect the two. If it comes with a coaxial connector outside the plastic case, connect the coaxial to the aerial. Some models may already have the transformer built in. Make sure you refer to and follow the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Choose the location of your aerial carefully. Try not to install it close to electrical wires, plants or tree branches. It is ideal to place it at least 10 feet above the peak of your roof.
  • For safety purposes, ask someone to help you hold the aerial in place as you secure all the u- bolts to the braces. Make sure you also tighten the nuts that come with the mounting kit.
  • Secure the cable to the mast using ty- wraps. If you are using a rotator, place a 2 feet loop of cable between the nuts. This will prevent the coaxial cable from getting pulled and stretched if the rotator gyrates the aerial when searching for more stations or reception.
  • Connect the coaxial cable to the grounding block, or the splitter, depending on how the aerial is configured.

If you are doubtful that you can properly do the job – even if you know how to install a TV aerial – call Mediacoms and we’d be happy to send our experts to your home.

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