Here are some basic aerial facts for homeowners.

Basic Aerial Facts

Are you planning to get a TV aerial installation for your home? We have outlined a few useful basic aerial facts that may help you in choosing an aerial and getting it installed. You may also read our TV aerial buying guide for more tips and suggestions from our experts.

Basic Aerial Facts

>> Lofts: Professional aerial technicians usually recommend installing TV aerials in lofts only in areas with strong signals. However, after the digital switchover, the power was increased and more homeowners say that the signal is sufficient for loft aerials.
>> Positioning: Aerial positioning is very important. This is especially critical when there are other things located near the aerial such as the chimney. Moving the aerial, either vertically or horizontally, can sometimes make a big difference in the reception because wavelengths are between 14″ and 25″ with UHF frequencies. Nearby trees or buildings can also block the reception path from the transmitter. If you are doing a DIY installation, you can experiment on different positions for your aerial.
>> Aerial quality: The quality of the build of an aerial is important. The installation is expected to last years even when battling all types of weather, so consider a quality installation an investment. A reputable professional installer is key here because they can help you decide the best aerial to install in your home, depending on the signal strength in your area.
>> Signal strength: If you have poor reception in your home, consider these: 1) are your neighbors getting good signal?; 2) what type of aerial are they using?; and 3) is your transmitter located close by?
>> Number of aerials: You only need one aerial to operate several TVs in your home. A professional installer can give you advice on how to get this properly set up.

Mediacoms can help you with more basic aerial facts, installation, replacement or repair.

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