Get your repair and installation done by the best aerial installation company in London. Read on and find out why Mediacoms is a trusted company.


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The television has proven to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has made so many things possible, and revolutionized communication and entertainment. It gave way to many new things. Cable TV has made this even better. Consumers have access to more channels, more shows and more information.

It is important to get a reliable installer and repair company who will take care of your aerial. Here are some tips for you.


Choosing the Best Aerial Installation Company

  • Experience is everything.

Find out when the company was established. While new companies may have the capacity to handle any aerial concerns just like old ones, one that has been industry for a while has experienced every possible scenario on the job. This also means the company has a number of customers who are loyal to them.

Mediacoms was established in 2011. We specialize in handling all aerial concerns: from installation to service and repair. We can also help you with a throng of other media and communications solutions in your home or business such as your alarm system and home theater for your home, or the communal TVs and CCTV installation for your business.

  • Good Customer Service is Gold

While most people are pulled in by the brand or popularity of an aerial installation company, it is important to remember that going to a big and known company does not guarantee great service. Often, the bigger the company is, the more they are bound by policies and procedures. This limits the capacity of the installers and repairmen to adjust to your needs. Also, most huge companies retain big call centers to handle customer calls. This makes your experience less personalized.

Mediacoms is a small family company. This allows us to respond faster and adjust to your needs better. Everyone in our team is friendly and helpful, and we are known for your personalized customer service.

  • Read Feedback

Make it a habit to read feedback from the company’s website, forums and blogs. These are real- life testimonials of customers how have tried and tested the services of the aerial installation company that you are looking into.

Mediacoms is the trusted installer of many residents in London, as well as business establishments like Mortgages Most Simple.


Get the best service from a recommended aerial installation company in London, call Mediacoms now.

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