video wall installers

Our expert team of video wall installers have worked all over the Essex and the Greater London areas. They have installed all kinds of monitors and viewing equipment, from computer monitors all the way up to projectors. So we are certain to have some good tips and ideas if you are looking to get your hands on a video wall.

Little info on a video wall

The most common type of screen used in these video walls is the LCD screen. The reason behind it is the screen has the best picture and gives the viewer a better feel of what they are watching. Combine this video wall with a high quality sound system and you have the ultimate home cinema system. Imagine yourself watching your favorite movie on a screen that is comparable in size to commercial cinemas. All you need now is the popcorn and some refreshments.


video wall installers

Other uses of a video wall in a public place

Aside from home cinemas, video walls are often used for commercial purposes. If you want an attention-grabbing outdoor advertising tools, then video walls are the way to go. Certain video walls are used in public places like stadiums and libraries. They are used so a distant passer by can view pictures and other bits of information, while a nearby viewer can read about up-coming events with ease.

Video walls are also effective for control rooms to instantly watch videos in a large view or multi-camera view. These are important for companies who wants to easily view their operations or entities that are involved in security or transport/traffic management. They can also make the viewing of data much easier for a larger audience such as in seminars or business presentations.


If you have any questions about video wall installation, then give us a call so we can help you find the best entertainment system for your home or business today.

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