Are you looking for TV installation services in Bishops Stortford?

TV installation in Bishops Stortford

Look no more because MediaComs is here. We offer a wide range of wall mounting services. We make sure that we not only set up your TV, we also hide your cables so your room looks clean and tidy.

We recently wall-mounted a TV in one of the homes in Bishops Stortford. The TV was held neatly in place and no wires were exposed.

TV Placement

One of the factors that you need to consider is the viewing angle. Any TV will look its best when it is mounted at a height where your eye level is in the middle of the screen. Wall-mounting your TV can save a lot of floor space and it can give your home cinema a more finished look.

If you choose to mount your TV on the wall, choose a wall mount that can hold your TV’s size and weight. If you’re using a stand, make sure that the TV is properly placed on it and that the it is perfectly balanced. Most TVs are heavier in the front so you should avoid setting them to close to the edge.

Let us help you with TV placement. Call us now if you need any TV installation services in London.



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