Know the common smart home risks before automating your home.

Smart Home Risks

Smart Home

Home automation, also known as smart home, has become more and more popular over the recent years. With the advancement in technology and the new access phones and the internet can give us, smart homes have come a long way. Automating your home is now more than just controlling your lights or air conditioning remotely. Newer features of smart homes now include turning off your oven, locking your doors, pet feeding, plant watering, disarming your security system, getting an alert on what time your daughter came home and voice command for persons with disability or physical impairments. All of these you can do even while you are thousands of miles away from home, with the use of your mobile phone or tablet. Probably the closest we can get to the Jetsons’ way of life, right?

Smart homes come with tons of benefits: the convenience of being able to manage your home remotely, the peace of mind of never forgetting to lock doors when you go on vacation, and saving time to do things around the house.

Smart Home Risks

However, going completely digital also has its own risks. Let’s look at some common smart home risks.

1) Hacking. Anything that is connected to the internet is susceptible to hacking. In 2012, several conferences held in Las Vegas showcased hackers breaking into smart homes around the globe to show the security challenges they pose. There have been very few cases of smart homes getting hacked, but with the access to the internet and the use of mobile phones, they have been the new target of hackers.

2) Technology incompatibilities. Hundreds of companies are developing and launching new gadgets every year, each with a new feature or a new task. However, these gadgets don’t always work together. Just think: Macs are just barely compatible with Windows and Android and iOS are two separate worlds. Platforms get upgraded and gadgets become obsolete in months with the emergence of new models.

3) Losing your phone. The ultimate point of failure. Your smartphone gives you answers to everything you need – until you lose it. Left it on the kitchen counter, misplaced it under a stack of folders on your desk, forgot it inside your gym locker. If your phone is the key to your smart home, misplacing or losing it could equal to failure of everything you have set up automatically.

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