Home Automation or Smart Home Installation

Have you been considering home automation or smart home installation and wondering if its any good? Mediacoms can help you make the decision, and take care of the rest too!

Home Automation or Smart Home Installation

Getting a Smart Home

“Smart home” or “home automation” is the residential equivalent of building automation. Home automation uses computers – or in recent years, smartphones and tablets – to centralize and control home appliances and their features. It also provides integration among your home appliances. Home automation can allow you to monitor and control your appliances remotely, with the use of a phone, a computer, or an internet browser.

Uses of Smart Home Installation ( Home Automation )

Home automation Installers can give you a system performing simple tasks to more complex ones. Here are some examples:

  • You can get sensors installed in your rooms. The sensors will detect when there are people in specific rooms, and turn the lights on. In more advanced settings, they can also detect who the person is who is present, and accurately set the light, temperature, TV channel, music playlist etc in the room. You may also set the day of the week, time of the day, among others.
  • You may also set your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units to save energy when no one is around. And then, you can set a time when to restore the power settings to ensure the house is cool or warm enough when you get home.
  • You can make inter -appliances settings as well. For example, you can set your audio system‘s volume when your phone or your doorbell rings.
  • More high tech systems can also do inventory, prepare the shopping list or automatically order replacements needed online.
  • A more useful smart home installation could include the security system or smoke detectors. When there is a breach in your alarm system, or smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, you can set your smart home to blink the lights to alert anyone in your home. You can also shut down the audio and visual systems or your entire home theater system to remove distractions, or put in a recording to announce the disturbance. You can even set your system to call you on your mobile, or the fire department.
  • You can efficiently control and monitor everything even when your mobile. You can integrate all your appliances into your smartphone or tablet so that you can view and control settings, among others.
  • Smart home installations are especially helpful for the disabled and elderly.

Get smart and call Mediacoms today for your smart home installation.

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