How to make a smart home, with no stress

Bringing your home security, TV, sound system, central heating, lighting, shades and even your washing machine controls together under one app can sound both really convenient and a bit overwhelming. At Mediacoms, we design and install smart home solutions bespoke to your needs, to give you full control of your home, and we’re pleased to say we supply and install a new set up that’s now on the market. Here’s how ELAN® technology can combine with our services to bring your home control together – and leave you wondering how you ever lived without it. 

1 – One smart home app to rule them all

Have you looked at smart home control before and thought that it seemed like you’d have one app for your heating, one for your sound system, and another for your lighting, thought it sounded like a lot of bother and left it?

With ELAN’s technology, you’re able to control your entire home, with just one app – and ELAN is the only one in the industry that currently offers this. 

There’s no need to jump between apps and you don’t need to have a programming degree to use it. You can just set up and take control of your property.

So you can control every aspect of your home from your sofa or your holiday sunbed, with just one tap or a voice command.

2 – Set up for you

You can set up your smart home controls from one screen, however you like, right down matching the background to your décor, adding family colours and calendars, music favourites for each person, or alerts for when the kids arrive home.

3 – Industry leading technology

ELAN has some of the best assets and technology on the market. So if you need a touch panel with a high res screen and voice control, with analytics, intercom and alerts, you can get all of that from the same range, as all of the products and technology work together.

4 – Relied on by many, for a reason

ELAN is a Nortek Security & Control brand, which has deployed over 25 million security and home control sensors and related products, and 5 million connected systems.

It’s a trusted system because it works smoothly and flawlessly now, and will continue to do so in the future.

5 – Privacy

Security is one of the biggest reasons for smart home control, so it’s good to know that all your data and settings are private to you – you can monitor remotely without sending any information to the cloud.

If you would like to know more about how to set up your smart home controls for your specific needs, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk things through with you or offer a no obligation (socially distanced) demonstration.

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