Here is more information about security gates if you are planning to automate your home.


Security Gates

Security Gates

Electric gates or automatic gates used to be only seen at airports, malls, embassies and banks. But as smart homes become more popular, the automation of security gates are increasingly becoming more in demand.

Electric security gates is a convenient way of secure the privacy of a property and stop unauthorized persons and vehicles from entering areas, rooms, or buildings that they do not have access to.

Over the years, electric gates have become more affordable while more features have been added to the basic kit. The automation of your residential or commercial gate can be customized with different features and remote control systems. Here are some examples:
– vehicle recognition as you pull up your driveway
– gate activation using your smartphone
– key pads, card readers and fingerprint readers

Automated gates not only provide security from unauthorized entry, but the also convenience of not needing anyone to run to the gate to open it manually.Think about it: on a rainy day, you no longer have to run out and get wet to open or close the gate, nor will you leave it open if you do not want to get soaked in rain water (and risk a burglary).

The automation of your security gate can be done for both existing gates and as part of the installation of a new one.


Security Gates Options

Here are some options when installing electric gates:

1) Articulated gates – Also called crank arm operators, these are used for gates with wide posts to allow the gate to open in small spaces.
2) Underground gate operators – Under gate Jack operators move the pivot point of each gate leaf to control it. This makes the gate more pleasing visually and opens the gates up to 180 degrees. This type is usually recommended for residential use because it is quite difficult to control.
3) Sliding gates – These are best for areas without a lot of space or if the driveway inclines swiftly past the gate.

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