Personal Computer (PC) -Based Home Automation System

Types of PC-based Home Automation System

As the name implies, a PC-based home automation system requires a PC to continuously run in your smart home. This can be further categorized as to whether the PC will be used for other purposes other than home automation.

Dedicated PC system – one where the PC is used solely for home automation.

Shared PC system –  the PC is used for other purposes while running the automation software.

Characteristics of a PC-Based Home Automation System

1.  Features – Nowadays, PC-based systems have more features built-in than other systems. Having a PC-based system can offer voice recognition capabilities, internet connection, e-mail services, telephone or voice-mail capability, and having the convenience of a PC-based control screen.

2.  Costs  – The initial expense for this type of system is dependent on what features you want for your home automation. If you don’t have a PC yet, then the first expense is on procuring one. You also have to provide for the software that will run your whole system. The PC by itself is totally useless if you don’t provide the hardware interfaces that will communicate with your home. They are usually connected to the PC’s serial ports, so you may have to factor the cost of adding serial port cards if you want to expand your system. Plus, the networking gears that is necessary if your system does not have wireless capability.

3.  Power Consumption – Although they are more energy-efficient today, PCs still  draws in a lot of power. This will cost much more than other systems, especially since you have to keep it running all the time. Fortunately, you can shut down the monitor when you are not using it for this component used the most power.

4.  Noise – Depending on where you are going to put it, the noise from the fan used for ventilation by the PC can be annoying, especially since you are going to keep it running 24/7.

5. Reliability – PC-based system are more prone to failures than other home automation systems. The following situations can affect the reliability of a PC-based home automation system.

Power Failure – Without electricity, a PC cannot function. If a power glitch occurs, the PC will reboot and if a disk or CD is left in it’s drive then the PC will not reboot properly making your home automation system useless.

Crashes – Unfortunately, computers are known to crash from time to time. If this occurs then, again, your system will be rendered useless.

Software Problems – Virus can affect your computer system or bugs can affect the software in your system. This may cause hardware communication failures with the devices connected to your PC.

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