Choosing a Home Automation System

Home automation needs careful planning

Are you considering a home automation system? With the advent of many appliances and modules for home automation, there’s little reason not to turn your home into a smart one.  While selecting a home automation system can a formidable task, MediaComs can help you decide on a home automation system that is right for your needs.

Kinds of Home Automation system

  • PC-Based Systems – as the name implies, this system uses a PC  that is running at all times.
  • Standalone Systems – runs as a complete system without requiring a PC.
  • Hybrid Systems – a combination of the two systems.

Factors to consider for a home automation system

Features – First, you must decide on what features you need for your home automation system. There are systems that can control lighting, audio equipment, air-conditioning, and heating. You must consider what your requirements are so that you can plan properly.

Cost – This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Different type of systems entails different levels of expenses to install. These may depend on the quality of the modules, the manufacturers and the capability/features of the system. The quality of the home automation system that you are going to get is largely dependent on your budget.

Space – Home automation systems varies with their space requirements. Some need a wiring cabinet to integrate all the equipment and wires that are necessary to make the system run smoothly. Some, like stand-alone systems, can be immediately integrated with the appliances that will make use of them.

Noise – Some automation system can produce noise. While these may be tolerable, it is important to know beforehand what types of noise may be emitted by the equipment that comes with the system. These may be the clicks of relay switches working or fan motors for some large gear included in the system.

Power Consumption – You must take into consideration the amount of electricity that a home automation system may require. Larger equipment needs consumes more electricity than smaller ones. You might want to know the rate of power consumption a system utilizes and factor it to your monthly bills.

MediaComs, with our team of professionals and years of experience in smart home installations, can help you in making the right choice for your home automation system.

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