Advantages of a Smart Home

A smart home uses modern technology to make it energy efficient, secure and user friendly. It helps reduce pressure on the home owner, power grids, environment and more importantly, save you on utility bills. Smart home technology has seen a sharp increase in demand during the past decade. As people began to understand the importance of convenient and hassle free technology, more and more home owners have started using it. So, what are the most common smart home systems?

Below are some of the most popular smart home automation systems that many smart home owners are proud of:

Smart Home Thermostats

These next generation thermostats are capable of learning your schedules and program themselves to suit your needs. If you can to teach it well, it is capable of saving up to 20% on the energy bills. Smart thermostat remembers the temperatures that you like and builds a schedule accordingly. For example, if you adjust temperature to 60 degrees before you sleep, smart thermostat will remember it. And after observing the pattern for a couple of days, it schedules itself to 60 degrees by the time you normally sleep. This smart home solution is also equipped with sensors. It is capable of detecting your presence and adjusts itself to an energy efficient temperature when you are away. You can also use its smart phone mobile application, and adjust the temperature to suit you before entering your home. Smart thermostats can cut your AC run time up to 30% during  hot summers.

Motion sensor lighting systems

Many home owners benefit from automatic lighting control, which turns off the lights when not in use, especially, in the areas which are used less frequently. Bathrooms, garages and porticos are common places where they can be used. Many illuminating systems help maximize energy efficiency; especially in homes where there are juniors who often forget to turn the lights off. You can also opt for a home automation system, which connects all the lights to a pre-programmed application on your smart phone, which lets us know the usage of lights and helps us manage them, even when we are away.

Smart Home Integrated Security Systems

Smart homes of the future are mostly equipped with the latest integrated security systems that not only keep your family safe but will also protect your property 24 X 7. Unlike the conventional security systems, latest integrated security systems can be operated from your smart phone. The ability to communicate with your security system and the ability of the security devices to communicate among themselves are a huge plus of this latest technology. If you want to have a look at your home while you are away, you can log into the website of your integrated security service provider and enter your password. Once you get connected, you will able to invigilate your home on your computer screen, irrespective of where you are!!

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