How to Automate Your Garage Door

Learn how to automate your garage door with ease.

How to Automate Your Garage Door

Operating your garage door with the press of a button is a home feature you will forever be thankful for. Have you ever forgotten to close your garage door at night only to find a creature sitting on top of your car the next morning? Have you gotten tired of lifting and maneuvering your single or double width garage door?

When you decide to and learn how to automate your garage door, and experience the convenience and ease of automation, you will probably end up wondering why you have not done it sooner.

Many new models of garage door automation now also has safety features such as a sensor that will stop the door if there is an object in its way, and then reversing to avoid any accidents.

How to Automate Your Garage Door

Here’s how to automate your garage door.

1) Retractable Over and Up Garage Doors – A one piece over and up garage door is the easiest and most cost effective of its type to automate. A boom will be installed above the opening, and an electric motor will be installed at the other end. The remote control package that you will use here is available from many manufacturers and can usually be installed DIY. What you need to carefully consider is how to keep your garage door operating safely as you remotely control it. If your door is heavy, check to make sure it is not just too old or installed incorrectly. This can affect the long term safety features of the motor.

2) Canopy Up and Over Garage Doors – A bow arm conversion kit is needed in automating this type of garage door. Because of the difference in the mechanism of canopy garage doors (compared to retractable garage doors), they are more challenging to set up for automation. When you use a traditional boom type garage door opener, the bow arm conversion kit which will apply force to the top and bottom part of the garage door to open it.

3) Side Hinged Garage Doors – You can use either of these two methods for side hinged doors:

a) swing arm kit – works the same way as retractable doors work but using two pivotable arms attached to each side of the door and the boom.
b) electromechanical operator – uses a series of mechanical features. It also has a more powerful hydraulic motor. 

4) Sectional Garage Doors – these already operate smoothly and consistently and only require a boom and an operator. They are more secure, especially when paired with good quality motor system.

5) Roller Shutter Garage Doors – most doors of this type can be automated but will likely need some de- and re- construction. This is because of the components of the roller shutter, and the fact that the electric motor must be installed inside the curtain roll.

Additional Tip: The Fastest and Easiest Way of How to Automate Your Garage Door

If you are not confident that you know how to automate your garage door, you can simply buy a wireless garage door sensor from your local DIY store. It is quick and easy to install. It will not allow you to automatically open and close the garage door, but it will give an alarm every time the door is left open.

Learn more about how to automate your garage door and get professional help in installing a garage door opener from Mediacoms.

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