If we had mentioned thermal imaging cameras to you before the Coronavirus hit, your first thought would probably have been of action films or Channel 4’s Hunted –  with the cameras being used to seek people out as they tried to hide. Now, with their ability to detect a person with a fever, from a distance, even in a crowd of people, thermal imaging cameras could be just the thing to give our beloved keyworkers at those workplaces which are open some reassurance of safety, and a feeling that everything is being done to reduce the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

Hikvision has released a range of cameras featuring a unique temperature measurement algorithm which make it possible to detect a person with a temperature.

The cameras work through converting the tiny bit of radiation – that anyone with a temperature above absolute zero emits – into thermal images. Different colours appear on the screen, depending on the temperature, so anything out of a normal range will be easy to see, and if a fever is detected, audio alarms notify the operator, while also taking screenshots and video. Because this all happens in real time, even within in crowd of up to thirty people, it’s easy to take anyone with a temperature aside and double check the reading, to ensure they can tend to their health straight away and keep a distance from others.

Cameras can be handheld or fixed, and even when handheld, they can ensure that the operator is at a distance of at least 1.5m away from others.

It’s best for the cameras to be used indoors, as the sun and wind can affect readings. If possible, it would be most effective to set up a separate walkway to funnel people through, to ensure they walk in the camera’s range.


  • Quick and efficient – one second is all it takes to detect a person’s temperature with a thermal camera
  • Up to thirty people’s temperatures can be taken at one time, even when in a crowd
  • No contact necessary to take temperatures – so distancing can be observed at all times
  • Accuracy of up to +0.5°C
  • Screen makes it easy to read different temperatures
  • When a fever is detected, an audible alert is emitted, meaning you won’t miss anyone
  • It all happens in real time, so you can react straight away
  • Screenshots can be taken and saved as evidence.

So if you work in hospital, shop, school, airport, station, railway, office or factory and would like a highly efficient and safe way to ensure the health of your workers and visitors, this could be just the solution for you.

To find out which Hikvision camera is right for your needs, please get in touch and we will talk you through your options. We have a range of cameras available which we are able to supply and install quickly, while observing social distancing measures.

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