Why am I getting a “no signal” message?

Imagine you’ve settled down to watch the program you look forward to every week, and the dreaded “No signal” message comes up. It’s really frustrating – you could be missing a Paul Hollywood handshake right now – but it can be just as frustrating if you have no idea why the signal has suddenly gone. So what are the common causes of a loss of signal, and how can you get it working again?

It’s a process of elimination

Unfortunately your TV is programmed to display a no signal message for any problem – so it could be that your signal is fine and something else is going on. If you have lost signal, then there could be a number of reasons why, so the first place to start is in narrowing this down.

How do you know if it’s your TV aerial?

  1. Start with your power supply unit or amplifier – are they both turned on?
    If you have a modern TV then you should have both of these features, so check that they are connected and working properly. 
  2. Is it your aerial cable?
    It may not be connected to the back of your TV – in which case this is really quick, easy – and cheap – to fix.
  3. Is your TV on the right input or source setting?
    Has someone leant on the remote and changed the input over, or are you pressing the wrong button?
    If so, that could be your problem – your TV does have signal, you’re just trying to access the signal through the wrong input/source. So if you’re pressing HDMI2 and that is hooked up to your DVD player, your TV will be saying you don’t have signal because your DVD player is switched off. Double check which input is associated with your TV.  
  4. Have you moved home recently?
    If so, it could be that your TV needs a retune, so that it’s connected to the relevant transmitter – your TV isn’t going to automatically connect with the new one, so you need to help it to find it.
  5. Is your aerial or antenna faulty?
    Only check this yourself if you feel safe and comfortable to do so, as you will need access to the roof. Even if it looks ok, there could still be something wrong, such as water damage or being installed incorrectly initially. Of course, there’s also the chance that your aerial may have served its time and need replacing.
  6. Or is it your aerial cable?
    Wall mounted TVs can experience issues with the leads that connect the antenna socket to the TV, or it may be that the lead that the TV came with was faulty or low quality, making it prone to losing signal, even if it’s not broken.

If you’re having problems with your TV signal, we’re always on hand to help – just give us a call on 01279 656983 or leave your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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