Which Sonos set up is right for you?

In our last blog post we talked about what Sonos can offer your household when it comes to multiroom wireless speaker systems… but which set up is right for your home, and where do you start? Every Sonos product works great on its own, but the real magic of Sonos reveals itself when you expand your system. We’ve put together this guide on what set up is right for you.

Sonos Speaker Collection

Sonos Move

Sonos’ first portable speaker lets you move the party outside, or bring your podcast with you to the shower. This is a WiFi speaker like the rest of the Sonos family, but it comes with a built in battery and Bluetooth to allow you to take whatever you’re listening to wherever you like.

Sonos One

A neat and tidy speaker with a heap of amazing features, the One is a great place to start if you’re just beginning your journey into multi-room audio. With built in voice command, Amazon Alexa, hand control features (allowing you to adjust volumes or skip a song with a simple gesture), the Sonos One is humidity resistant – so perfect for damp environments like kitchens. You can pair two together for stereo sound, or build into your home theatre set up along with the Sonos Sub and Arc or Playbase.

One SL

The One SL is essentially the One, but without a microphone(so no voice control): SL stands for speechless. Control using the Sonos App or Apple Airplay 2, or pair with the One for stereo sound.


The largest speaker in the Sonos family got a major update in 2015 and is all the better for it. It’s great for larger rooms, delivering rich audio with six Class D amplifiers and six dedicated speaker drivers. Sonos have also added their incredible TruePlay feature – tuning technology which measures how sound reflects off the walls and furnishings then calibrates the output to deliver the best quality sound. You can also change the audio depending on the speaker orientation to get a wider sound horizontally or a more direct audio when placed vertically.


The most compact soundbar in the Sonos family (about half the size of the now discontinued Playbar), the Beam is perfect for small-medium sized rooms. With built in Amazon Alexa, the Beam delivers clear dialogue and big scale sound that surprises given its size. If budget or room size prevent you from finding a place for the Arc in your home, the Beam is perfect.


A current What Hi-Fi? Award winner in their soundbar category, the Arc comes with Dolby Atmos, three tweeters and eight mid-woofers delivering a deep bass with more balance, plus 11 performance drivers and 3D enabled sound. At 114cm wide, it’s a bit wider than your typical 49in TV, but if you can accommodate it you won’t be sorry: the Arc will give you one of the most convincing surround sounds from a soundbar on the market, and can be complimented with other Sonos speakers, to take your sound further.

If you’d like to get your own Sonos set up for your home and would like to talk through what would be best for your space first, please get in touch. As the only Sonos Approved Retailer in Bishop’s Stortford, we are trusted to ensure you have the best sound in your home.  

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