Film-wise, it’s not so much about what’s new on Netflix this month, but where your trip down memory lane will take you.

If your film nights are for family time, you can get your classic fantasy adventure fix and re-live that scene from the swamp of sadness (tissues at the ready) with your children, as you settle back to watch to watch The Neverending Story. Or if you like your family films more on the heart-warming side, Dennis the Menace will bring all the 90s’ charm.

For teens and adults alike, the next films could take film night in totally different directions, as The Twilight Saga is back on, bringing five films to your screens for your vampire romance fix. If that’s not your thing, the Jurassic Park Trilogy is back on Netflix after a two-year break, so get your home cinema ready for CGI that will keep you on your toes.

Perhaps not one to watch if you’ve recently been through a break-up, the star studded Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind combines romance with sci-fi for a beautiful drama which may leave you with questions about what you would do.

If you’re more into action, Mad Max is ready to test your surround sound with Mel Gibson’s 1979 cult sci-fi action adventure. Can you believe it came out in 1979? For hard hitting drama, Edward Norton brings one of the most outstanding roles of his career to American History X.

TV series added this month

If TV series are more your thing, here are some new additions for August:

  • Friday Night Dinner (Season 5)
  • The Fall (3 Seasons)
  • High Seas (Season 3) N
  • Operation Ouch! (1 Season)
  • Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (Limited Series) N
  • The Rain (Season 3) N
  • Word Party Songs (Season 1) N
  • Petit Ours Brun (Season 1)
  • The New Legends of Monkey (Season 2) N
  • The Next Step (Season 6)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Season 4) N
  • Toradora! (Season 1)
  • Ever After High (Season 5) N
  • Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea (Season 1)

Documentaries and documentary series

  • Tiny Creatures (Season 1) N
  • Nasha Natasha (2020)
  • Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) N
  • World’s Most Wanted (Season 1) N
  • Stars in the Sky: A Hunting Story (2018)
  • Mystery Lab (Season 1) N
  • Connected (Season 1) N
  • Immigration Nation (Limited Series) N

For the hottest top ten things to watch this week, check out this link.

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