What are the benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

Have you been hoping for faster Wi-Fi? feeling the lack of bandwidth when someone’s downloading a game while you’re trying to watch a program streaming? We spend so much of our lives on the Internet now, so it’s a shame to spend it waiting. Lucky for us, Wi-Fi has got a big upgrade in Wi-Fi 6 (also referred to as 802.11ax), which brings together lots of improvements.

Faster, more efficient, with a wider reach
Increased bandwidth and improved upload and download speeds are the biggest change:

  • Wi-Fi 5 can deliver a maximum of 3.5 Gbps, while Wi-Fi 6 more than doubles this, taking it to 9.6 Gbps. These numbers are all the very top end of its capability, and it’s worth remembering that this maximum will still be shared across multiple devices, but it’s a significant increase that should be felt, even if not to its full potential.
  • Network traffic can be a real issue with latency, but Wi-Fi 6 is able to handle this more efficiently, so you’ll be able to download games and upload gameplay more quickly and reliably. In fact, Wi-Fi 6 can reduce latency by up to 75%.
  • The difference between wired and wireless signals is reduced, so you can be freed from being tied to your modem.

How to get the most out of Wi-Fi 6
If you want to experience better speeds, higher efficiency and more independence, you will need the right set up. This not only means having the right router like one from TP-Link, but could mean increasing your Internet connection to ensure there isn’t a bottleneck.

Things get a bit different when dealing with bigger networks, like offices or homes which have extensive, multiple devices connected. In this case, the switches and wireless controllers may need to be updated to accommodate Wi-Fi 6 Aps, which have higher Power over Ethernet requirements. If you need more than 1 Gbps connection, then you’ll need bulkier uplinks to Aps, which would be better served by upgrading your cabling too.

The devices that you’ll be connecting to Wi-Fi will also need to be compatible and may need additional software. 

How to get the right upgrade
With all the benefits that Wi-Fi 6 can bring, you want to make sure that you get it right. Here at Mediacoms, we not only sell all of the hardware that you’ll need to get connected along with the cabling, we can also provide an audit of your current set up and advise on what you need to get connected – which includes the devices that you’ll need connecting.

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