Are you going shopping for a new TV antenna? Once you get to the store, picking out one can prove to be extra challenging as you will see several types of aerials. Learn more about each of them here and choose the right one to buy.

1. Indoor Aerials – This is the most common and the simplest type of aerial as it only requires the user to connect it to directly to the TV and make some minor tuning. While they are easiest and fastest to install, they are also very susceptible to signals from radios and other appliances inside and around the home.They are best for homes in urban areas and those that are located close to a strong signal without interference from structures.

2. Outdoor Aerials – This can pick up signals better even from a farther location and suit homes located in suburban and rural locations. An outdoor aerial must be installed so that it is up in the open air, typically on the roof of a house or a large pole.

3. Multi Directional Aerials – This type of aerial can equally pick up multiple signals coming from different signals simultaneously. This usually happens in areas that are heavily populated and where various broadcast signals are available. Many indoor and outdoor aerials are multi directional. This is one of the TV aerial types that is also a great choice for travelers who are using an RV.

4. Directional Aerials – This aerial type can only focus on signals coming from a single direction. This is a good choice for homes located in rural areas as the aerial is designed to pick up signals coming from the nearest town.

5. Amplified Aerials – An amplified antenna is designed to enhance a broadcast signal that is very weak, or enhance its clarity. It strengthens a weak TV signal by adding external power to the frequency. The output is not altered, but has more clarity and intensity.


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