The best box sets to binge on SkyTV right now!

The events of 2020 have given us all a chance to catch up on our favourite TV shows, but if you’ve hit a dead end and think you’ve binged it all, think again: we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite box sets that are ready to stream on SkyTV right now. There’s something for everyone here, with some “golden age of TV” shows you might have missed, as well as some newer releases from the last couple of years that’ll have you whispering “just one more episode” as the clock strikes 2am…

The Sopranos

Tony Soprano is a bad man. So why do we find ourselves rooting for him? Find out when you follow mob boss Tony (played in stunning form by the late James Gandolfini), as he tries to balance his family life and the stresses of his job with his own internal struggles. This character-led, award winning crime drama will have you hooked from the first season, and you’ll have to collect your jaw off the floor when you watch the finale in season 6. Keep an eye out for the infamous “Pine Barrens” episode directed by Hollywood legend Steve Buscemi (more on him later…).


Unnerving, disturbing and based on true events, this five-part miniseries dropped in May 2019, and delivers the shocking story of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Starring Paul Ritter (Cold Feet) and Jared Harris (Mad Men), this riveting yet horrifying series tells the story of how and why the explosion happened and what happened in the aftermath, and how a government refusal to acknowledge scientific fact led to one of the greatest tragedies Russia has ever seen.


If you’re looking for political comedy, all seven seasons of Armando Iannucci’s masterful satire are ready for binging on SkyTV. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Selina Meyer, the Vice President of the USA and, just like Iannucci’s politi-coms before (The Thick Of it and In The Loop), the laughs come as we watch Selina struggling to put out fires and juggle her private life with her public job, all while trying to improve her relationship with the chief executive.

Boardwalk Empire

Filled with lush period detail, an all-star cast and a lot of violence, HBO reportedly spent $20 million on the pilot episode of this Prohibition era drama set in Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi is Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a political figure who runs Atlantic City during the 1920s and 30s, just as prohibition came in, and we follow the Nucky as he deals with mobsters, government agents and politicians while running his bootlegging business and trying to manage his reputation.


Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong star in this relatively new drama, which boasts writing from Peep Show’s Jesse Armstrong and Will Ferrell as an executive producer. Bearing that in mind, there are times where Succession crosses the border over into comedy, and you’ll find yourself laughing and cringing as the Roy family’s infighting and double crossing crescendos into some of the darkest yet most hilarious and original telly we’ve watched in ages.


Bubbling away nicely since 2016, Billions has got it all: financial dramas, S&M undercurrents and power struggles. Hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Damien Lewis) and shrewd but sincere US attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) go head to head as they try to outgun each other in this provocative financial drama.

Twin Peaks

David Lynch feeds us a heavy spoonful of surrealism in this uncomfortable crime drama, as FBI agent Dale Cooper is sent to investigate the murder of high school student Laura Palmer. The show has a devoted cult following and features all Lynch’s classic traits: oddball characters, sinister visuals and eerie dream sequences. Unlike anything you’ve ever watched, this is some of Lynch’s finest and most lauded work.

The Wire

The Wire is another show that gets the “best drama show of the past 25 years” chat bandied around when it’s mentioned, and for good reason. This gritty, well penned drama follows Detective James McNulty (Dominic West) and his team as they try to unpick the network of drug dealing kingpins in dark and deprived inner-city Baltimore. Don’t take our word for it: even former US President Barack Obama called this series “one of the greatest pieces of art in the last couple of decades”.

Big Little Lies

If you miss Desperate Housewives and enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere then the search for your next box set is over. Big Little Lies has a heavyweight cast (Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz), and a slow-burning, atmospheric, whodunnit plot: the perfect lives of the elite Californian housewives are shattered when they become tangled in a murder investigation.

Game Of Thrones

If you missed it the first time around, you must have been living on Mars and you need to catch up, and if you have already seen it, it’s been 9 years since it started so why not go back to the beginning and start again (after all there are 8 seasons to power through). Probably the world’s most popular fantasy show ever, it has something for everyone: dragons and witches, swords and gore, the fight of good against bad, and is loved by teens, grandmothers and everyone in between.

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