Sonos Ray – upgrade your sound with this compact soundbar

Ray is the most compact Sonos soundbar to date, providing an upgrade to blockbuster-level sound in a discrete, ultra-portable package. It’s a device squarely aimed at offering a significant improvement in sound quality and entertainment experience for the 90% of us still using the built-in speakers on our TV. This is made clear by Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, who says “Homes have become movie theatres, fitness studios, gaming hubs and so much more, all supported by a streaming era that is no longer exclusive to just TV, music and film”.

Compact, attractive design

Unlike some soundbars, Ray is designed to fit easily into pretty much any home setup. Whether you’ll be putting it on a dedicated media stand or into some shelving, the compact design ensures you’ll be able to get the best sound without having to redesign your entire space. As usual, Sonos’ thoughtful and attractive design makes Ray something that will fit in any contemporary room without being intrusive or distracting.

Blockbuster sound

The custom design of Ray delivers exciting, polished sound that fills your entire room from wall to wall. Despite being a single unit, the advanced onboard processing places sound elements throughout the listening environment, making you feel at the heart of the story. The new Sonos bass reflex system ensures weighty, thrilling low frequencies without needing an additional subwoofer. In addition, Sonos’ Speech Enhancement feature ensures that dialogue is intelligible even during the most action-packed scenes. Sonos systems are justifiably renowned for their sound quality, and Ray is no exception.

Simplicity and versatility

Like all Sonos devices, getting up and running is fast and simple using the Sonos app. Ray is also compatible with all your favourite streaming services, as well as Apple AirPlay 2. You can even use your existing TV remote as a controller.


Ray is compatible with other speakers in the Sonos range. For example, connect a pair of Sonos One speakers to Ray and you’ll have a full surround system. Setup is simple and completed in moments using the Sonos app. Likewise, Ray is completely integrated with existing Sonos multi-room listening setups, and will show up in the list of available speakers in the Sonos app.

Affordable quality

At £279, Ray is an accessible entry point into the Sonos ecosystem. If your TV is under 50”, this will certainly provide a significant upgrade in sound quality at an extremely affordable price. Expandability options allow you to add extra speakers while keeping Ray at the centre of your home cinema audio system, even if you upgrade to a larger TV.

If you’d like to know more about the Sonos Ray or any other products in the Sonos range, here at Mediacoms we are proud to be a Sonos Approved Retailer, and act as a trusted partner to Sonos, with the specialist knowledge on how their brand works and the best set up for every scenario. We’d love to help you.

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