Integrated Control Systems

Okay. You have got all the latest equipment but the last thing you need is 10 different remote controls. It is hard enough to keep one at hand when you need it.

We can put all home entertainment, lighting, security, and any other devices into one control so you can simplify your life. Have your music turn down when the phone rings or turn on your coffee maker when the alarm goes off.

We can do whatever we can to make your day run smoother because we know your life doesn’t need any more complications .

Would you rather have the lights dimmed when you play the movie on your DVD player? Our systems are only limited by your imagination.

Having a control system in place is not only about convenience, it can also help save money by allowing you to see what is on and making it easier to turn it off.

Tell us what you need your integrated control systems to do and we will make it do just what you want.

We can also have a look to make sure you are getting the best sound and reception while we are at it. Having someone who has experience in every aspect of home entertainment system installation makes all the difference.

Home systems are a huge investment and here at MediaComs we never take that investment lightly. We always give the best advice so you never over pay and still get the absolute best quality.

We implement all types of Integrated Control Systems to fit your lifestyle.

  • touch pad
  • wireless control
  • keypad
  • universal control
  • computer control

There is no use having the best systems without having the best way to control it. And no need to take night classes to learn it. We always show you how to use your system after we install it, giving you tips and tricks to make your life easier.

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