Pulse Eight neo:8

Gone are the days of a video matrix just switching video, Pulse-Eight systems are the heart and soul of the modern automated home, providing video instantly where it is needed and contextual feedback to the rest of the home automation system on what the user is doing.

Pulse Eight flagship control technology – CEC, allows any TV supporting HDMI-CEC (of which pretty much all TVs now do) to send key presses from the original TV remote through the HDBaseT™ link and the neo:8 will route these messages to the connected source devices (i.e. your Sky box or Blu-Ray player).

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Pulse Eight neo:8

Pulse Eight neo:8
Smarter TV: What you see is what you control, instead of complex remote controls, use your original TV remote

Contextual IR: 
8 in, 10 out; that’s 80 possible combinations of your video.

Historically matrixes have offered remotes with hundreds of buttons therefore needing multiple presses to get video to the TV.

We thought this was an odd solution because you already know which room you are in therefore so should the matrix!

Our designers consequently did away with the old concept and created Contextual IR.

This reduces the number of buttons to just 4, one for each possible input.

Whatever room your in, select 1, 2, 3, 4… and watch that source instantly.

Rack mountable:
Small and lightweight so can be mounted into almost any rack type.

Matching your existing equipment as a result it seamlessly blends in.

It’s important that you get video all the time, to help us do that every neo professional matrix keeps in contact with our cloud management service.

You can tell if this is working by the Monitored LED on the front of the matrix.

If you get stuck; you or your installer can simply log into our cloud portal to see helpful diagnosis information and fix problems remotely.

All of this is free of charge. If neo has a problem, we get alerted too and can get in contact to arrange a hardware replacement or give a step by step guide to get you back up and running.

Instant On:
In the UK, Sky recently added CEC support, the way they did it was pretty interesting and that  gave us an idea.

We could do this with neo. With Instant On; press the Sky button in any room and Neo will detect this, turn the TV on and switch the video path to the Sky box.

Furthermore we chose to go one step further, if you have more than one Sky box connected to neo then it will intelligently detect which box is not in use and route this to your TV

Don’t worry if you are not in the UK, Instant On can be customised for just about any collection of source devices

Web Interface:
Our aim is for you to have the best experience possible!
We therefore think it’s important you can access neo from any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop PC and in any browser.
We’ve done this with our responsive design, so it works with you and not the other way round.
Our web interface is built directly on top of our REST/API, as a result whatever you can do on your phone; you can get your control system to do.
There are no hidden tricks or special codes that require a magic moon dance to work.
All of our documentation is free and available on our monitoring site.


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