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Multiroom System

What is a Multiroom Audio System?

A multiroom system is also called a whole house system or a multizone stereo system. Basically, this type of audio system will allow you to listen to music from several sources anywhere in your home – at the same time. You can choose your playlist from your CD player or iPod, and listen to it in any area of you home – whether you are cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the porch. This makes it easy and convenient to play your music at home.

You have several options to distribute music in your home. Your audio system can either be wired or wireless, powered or non- powered. You can also choose to make your stereo receiver or your home theatre receiver the center of the audio system, or set up a separate multiroom music system.

A wireless audio system is one of the most popular because it is convenient and easy to set up. There are a few requirements to get this set up:

  • a line of compatible wireless speakers from one company that can work and connect seamlessly together using a wireless network. The speakers must support WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • a compatible audio source, such as your iPhone, that can stream music wirelessly to the speakers.

Different models of speakers that compose a brand’s multiroom system are usually sold separately. This will allow you to choose the speakers that you need for specific parts of your home so that you can personalize your own audio system.

Here is a brief overview of your multiroom system options:

Entry Level – An entry level system entails piping music or video from one location in your home to another, or to multiple locations. There are plenty of media adapters in the market that can enable you to do that such as Logitech’s Squeezbox Classic, or Apple’s Airport Express.

Mid Range – In a mid range system, you use something that is more dedicated to the task. For example, Philips’s Streamium can operate both as standalone units or can be hooked up to a computer. A Sonos will be ideal if you want to use your computer as your central music server.

Ulitmate multiroom system – You can invest in a dedicated system that is composed of a central server where you store all your music and movies, that can shift it around your home using CAT5 cables installed in your walls. Multiroom music systems are usually comprised of bothe in- wall and in-ceiling speakers, as well as amps with freestanding or wall mounted touchscreen controllers.

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