Do you want to install a home audio system in your entertainment room? Here’s what you need to know first…

home audio

65″ curved Samsung with 7.1 in ceiling cinema sound system

A good sound system is one of the most important ingredients in building a good home theatre system. Home entertainment rooms typically have a combination of an audio -video receiver, five or more loud speakers and a subwoofer. Surround sound systems and shelf speakers are types of home audio systems. They are more of an accessory equipment designed to improve the quality of or replace standard equipment.

Hidden Cabling

Hidden Cabling

Your home audio -video receiver is the centre of your sound system.

It has many functions including:

  • showing off the power of the loud speakers as the speaker’s wires are connected to the back of the receiver
  • all other sources such as the cable box, DVD and game systems are all connected to the AV receiver
  • it lets you control the volume and adjust the balance between the speakers
  • it sends video signal to the TV set or monitor
  • it processes audio, including surround sound features 
32" Samsung

32″ Samsung

Surround sound receivers are perhaps one of the most popular types of home audio as they are intended to create the sound quality in a cinema.

Loud speakers in a typical home entertainment room include a centre channel loud speaker, left and right front speakers, at least two rear surround sound speakers, and a subwoofer.

Modern Clean no Cables

The pictures shown here are from a whole home audio visual system installation in a newly built property, on Braintree Road, Great Dunmow, Essex. CM6. The installation included CYP HDBaseT HDMI distribution matrix with IR control, Freeview distribution, Yamaha RX-A 840 7.1 AV Receiver, in ceiling flush mount discreet speakers, Q Acoustics Q7000i subwoofer, network extension over CAT6, Rako Lighting, Samsung 4K 65″ LED TV, programmed remote control, SONOS, Sky Mutltiroom, Sky+HD.

Whole home audio with HD distribution matrix and Rako lighting

Whole home audio with HD distribution matrix and Rako lighting

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