Introducing the Sonance Landscape Series

It looks like the weather is going to pick up now that the kids have gone back to school, so there may be a chance that you’ll get the garden to yourself or be able to enjoy the weekends together in a different way. The Sonance Landscape Series can totally change the way you enjoy your garden, and how you socialise at home.

The Sonance Landscape Series brings perfectly even volume coverage and incomparable sound quality to any size outdoor space – and it’s totally scalable, so there is something for every size garden. Featuring small satellite speakers and below ground subwoofers, you can enjoy a high performance and high quality sound system in your garden, without spoiling how it looks.

What does it include?

  • Two satellite speaker models
  • Two in-ground subwoofers
  • One hardscape subwoofer

Every model features a Sonance Laminated Core Transformer, with new larger drivers and woofers, and an adjustable tap that allows each speaker to be tuned for 8 Ohm or 70V/100V applications – making this the most powerful and flexible system of its kind in the Sonance range. It’s a real upgrade from previous satellite models, with speakers utilising 4 ½” and 6 ½” driver technology – the same technology used in the Sonance Visual Performance Extreme products, if you have experience of them. 

Scalable and expandable

Totally scalable to suit any size space, once you buy your Sonance Landscape Series, you can expand it at any time.

Powerful and smooth bass

The two in-ground subwoofers are available in 12” or 15”, featuring the Sonance Laminated Core Transformer, meaning that the whole system can be customised to your needs and your space.

Blending with your surroundings

All of the speakers and subwoofers are designed to fit in with your garden, rather than stand out. The satellite speakers are constructed from a composite which is dark brown and won’t flake or corrode in time – it camouflages well with your foliage and plants, and will withstand everything the weather brings its way.

Great performance, whatever the weather

Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, from -20˚ to 190˚ F (-29˚ to 88˚ C), enclosures are triple-sealed, connectors are waterproof and components are marine grade, so it should easily hold up to the British climate.

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