If you are thinking about installing a home security system, HD CCTV is a great option to add to your system.



CCTV rear accessHD camera covering back garden and rear accessHD camera covering back garden and rear accessHD IP camera covering front entryHD IP camera covering front entry

The pictures here were taken from one of our customer’s home. There had been a string of break ins in their area and they had decided to upgrade their analogue CCTV camera to a group of networked HD IP Eyeball cameras.

The customer wanted a discrete system with a full parameter view of the home. Our Mediacoms team installed high grade CAT6 network cabling to the CCTV positions and to the router and NVR (network video recorder) location. A powered network switch was adopted to reduced the amount of cabling and PoE (power over ethernet) cameras were programmed and installed. The Mediacoms static IP address system was also employed to ensure the home owner is able to view live and recorded video streams remotely and securely anywhere in the world. The NVR was linked into the HD Matrix  distribution system allowing the customer to view images on any TV in the home. (Read our CCTV Buying Guide)


More About HD CCTV

HD CCTV Installation is becoming more popular because of the high quality videos it produces for surveillance cameras. Better quality videos means faces are clearer and more recognizable and the pictures are more useful because they are more detailed. Upgrading and installing are also cost- efficient as there is no need to change existing cabling.

Here’s how HD CCTV works: Unlike regular IP video cameras, this system is point- to- point and uses coax cable instead of Category -5e or -6. As a result, the video is sent directly from the camera to the recorder or DVR. There is no need for packets, compression, encoders or an existing network. The camera can be easily plugged in to any receiving device, provided they are compatible. The video will play without latency or configuration. The video is in the SMTPE 292M format, which is delivered in resolutions of around 2.1 megapixels at 1,080p and 1.3 megapixels at 720p.

Call Mediacoms today, and we’d be happy to help answer your HD CCTV questions.

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