Fire alarm system can detect the presence of fire as well as any changes in the environment that is associated with combustion. It is wise for business owners and homeowners to invest in a really good fire prevention and security because such system can prevent your properties from being consumed by the deadly fire.

One thing that is worse than burglary and theft is your property on fire. When burglars enter your home, they will probably just take your valuables. However, with fire, your entire property can be destroyed. There are even times when thieves would use fire to penetrate the homes. This can only bring twice the damage and twice the headache.

Fire Alarm System Parts

The fire alarm system is composed of different parts:

Fire alarm control panel – also known as the system’s hub
Primary Power Supply – Branch circuits are usually used by commercial properties.
Secondary Power Supply – this acts as a back up to the primary source. This usually consists of emergency power sources such as generators.
Initiating Devices – this device can either be manual or automated. Examples of initiating devices are smoke detectors or heat detectors.
Notification Device – used to inform the owners that there is a need to take action (or to evacuate). Strobe lights, horns and chimes or a combination of all of these can be used.
Building Safety Interfaces – The role of this interface is that it allows the alarm systems to control the environment in preparation of the fire. It can control the spread of fire and fumes.

Your Partner in Fire Alarm Systems

Make the first step in ensuring the safety of your family and property. Get in touch with a professional who can design and install the much needed alarm system.  Look no further because MediaComs is here to install these safety devices. We care and we value your safety.

Call us now and let us help you set up your fire alarm system.

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