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The spread of the Coronavirus has led to us all taking extra precautions to keep ourselves safe. With the spread likely to continue for many more months, it’s good to know that there are extra steps that you can put in place to protect your employees and visitors.

Hikvision has released a range of thermal imaging cameras which can detect fevers and high temperatures efficiently and at a safe distance, to ensure that you can reduce the spread while keeping your employees safe.

The cameras work through turning the radiation which anything with a temperature above absolute zero emits, into grayscale values and then thermal images, through an algorithm model.


  • Highly efficient, it takes just one second for a thermal camera to detect a person’s temperature
  • Can review the temperature of up to thirty people at a time, even in a crowd
  • Ability to take temperatures without contact – in fact, even handheld cameras can detect from up to 1.5m away
  • Accuracy of up to +0.5°C
  • Different temperatures are easy to read on the screen
  • An audible alert is set off when a fever is detected
  • Readings are given in real time, so it’s possible to react to high temperature readings instantly
  • Screenshots can be taken and saved as evidence.
Thermal imaging camera

Because the sun and wind can affect body temperature readings, it’s best to set up a test area indoors with a walkway to funnel people through, to ensure they pass within the camera’s range and it gets an accurate reading.

No matter whether you’re in a hospital, school, shop, train station, airport, office or factory, Hikvision has everything you need including thermographic cameras and NVR switches, so you can get the bespoke set up to suit your requirements.

Mediacoms are on hand to advise so that you get the right set up. We can also supply and install everything, while observing social distancing, to ensure that you are keeping your employees and visitors safe today, and in the long run.

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