What to watch with Sky, Netflix and Disney+ in May

There’s a lot of great TV and films heading to our screens this May, and whether they’re on Sky, Netlix or Disney+, you can pay for them all in one bill, and through one package, with Sky – you could even save some money through combining them all. Here’s what you could be enjoying, entertainment-wise:


The Staircase
TV – Sky Atlantic, 5 May
There’s a big cast in this one, with Toni Collette, Colin Firth, Juliette Binoche and Sophie Turner all starring in this true crime documentary of the bizarre death of Michael Peterson’s wife. There aren’t many court cases where lawyers bring up aggressive owls, but Colin Firth’s portrayal of author Michael Peterson will try to make sense of it all.

The Time Traveller’s Wife
TV – Sky Atlantic, 16 May
The highly acclaimed Audrey Niffenegger’s book which has already been recreated in film has now been adapted for TV, with a star-studded cast featuring Sherlock’s Steven Moffat, and Game of Throne’s Rose Leslie, directed by Emmy-winning David Nutter.


The Pentaverate
TV – 5 May
Mike Myers is back! And he’s playing almost everyone, in this six-part limited series, which he also created. A comedy, it sees him trying to reveal the truth about a secret society controlling the world, along with a cast which features Jennifer Saunders and Ken Jeongg.

Senior Year
Film – 13 May
The last time we saw her she was having a laugh at the BAFTAs, now she’s playing a 37 year old cheerleader recently out of a coma aiming to finish her senior year, and trying to work out being at school when 20 years have passed… imagine being at school with social media, no thanks! Will she make prom queen? Well, you’ll have to watch…

Stranger Things
TV – 27 May
Set the countdown now, it won’t be long until the fourth series is ready to binge. Set to be the scariest and funniest yet, we rejoin the cast six months since we left off, but where is Hopper?


How I Met Your Father
TV – 11 May
If you’ve been missing Kim Cattrall in the Sex and the City reboot, you can find her on Disney+ in Filthy Rich, and in this sequel to How I Met Your Mother. Featuring all the great elements of its predecessor, with the added stress of dating apps, and, eventually, Kim Cattrall and Hillary Duff leading the way on how that father was met…

Obi-Wan Kenobi
TV – 27 May
Ewan McGregor dons his cloak and reprises his role as the great Obi-Wan, 10 years after Revenge of the Sith, as he keeps an eye on Luke Skywalker.

TV – 31 May
Is there a better person to take a music documentary on than Danny Boyle? Here he brings to life the memoirs of Steve Jones, the group’s guitarist, with a six part drama, which has led to a lot of uproar from John Lydon…

So that’s May sorted! What will you watch?

If you’d like to see how much you could save with all your TV in one package, give us a call. We’d love to help.


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