Secure Access Control

Are you ready to enhance your security system by setting up a secure access control system within the premises? Good news because MediaComs can make that happen. We will help you set up any kind of security system that you need.

Access control is the practice of restricting access to certain location or information to certain individuals. This can be achieved with the use of technology and software systems. With the implementation of such system you are ensured that only the authorized personnel are given access.

Kinds of Access Control

Physical Access Control.
This type of control can be achieved by any person through mechanical means. It is to control who, where and when the person can enter (or exit) the premises. The traditional way of doing that is the use of lock and keys. However, the challenge of having lock and keys is that the keys can be lost, copied or passed on to another person. It is also unable to provide a record of who used the key at a specific time or day.

Electronic Access Control.
It is where computers are used in order to address the limitations of lock and keys. Instead credentials are provided to grant (or deny) access.When the credentials are entered, it is sent over to the control panel who compares it with the access control list. It then grants or denies access to whoever entered the credential and logs the attempt on the system.

There are three types of user authentication that can be used. It can be something that the person knows like a code or a pin number. It can be something that the person has with him like for example a key card. It can also be something that is identifiable to the user like his fingerprints.

There are so many ways to keep your properties and businesses safe. Let’s discuss the details so you can decide the best one for you.

Contact MediaComs now and we’ll be happy to work on your secure access control system.

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