Perimeter Security

Are you thinking about installing perimeter security on your commercial, industrial or residential properties? Let MediaComs work with you in identifying which security system will work for you.

Perimeter security is a kind of security system that can be used in several public or private properties with the purpose of detecting, denying, deterring and delaying intruders. They are often used in high security properties such as military plants and nuclear plants.

Benefits of Perimeter Security

Installing a perimeter security can enhance the security system of any property. It is just one of the many benefits of having one aside from increasing the privacy level in your business. With perimeter security, the physical beauty is maintained therefore increasing its “curb” appeal. Manpower can also be reduced because you will no longer need additional security guards to watch over your property to make sure that it’s safe.

Indoor & Outdoor Perimeter Security

Perimeter security can be installed indoors or outdoors. The use of microwaves and doppler technology, entrances, windows and doorways can be protected. These are ideal to use in houses, warehouses and other storage facilities.

Outdoor perimeter security on the other hand can be set up on pre-existing structures. Barriers that have electromagnetic fields or infrared can detect any disturbances therefore triggering alarm signals. They can be used on fences and walls.

Keep your properties, inventories, information and employees safe. With full protection you can be assured that you will be notified as soon as the intruder attempts to enter your property. That’s because perimeter security includes putting up fencing, safety gates, alarm systems and surveillance systems.

Your security is our business. Work with us and our experts on the latest technology available. Contact us today. We will ensure that you will get the perimeter security that will work best for your property.

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